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We are committed to continuously improving our products and processes by having an integrated approach, which encompasses the needs and expectations of the customer, our people, and processes.

We believe in order to help customers get excellent quality; ‘Quality Assurance’ cannot function independently of others. Hence each and every member of our team and our suppliers share the concept of Total Quality Management.

Purchase Finest Raw Materials

We are pleased to inform you that for maintain concrete quality control it is necessary to use highest raw material’s quality and purity. We have developed our strong raw materials (Seeds) purchasing policy for maintaining finish goods premium quality (Psyllium Husks and Powder). As we purchase continuously by our own purchasing person from farmers only, not from any agent or trader’s materials. It is very difficult to achieve consistent quality in the production of Psyllium Husks and Powder products because of natural variations in raw seeds therefore our purchasing people personally analysis the quality and then buy from farmers in the Agriculture Market.

Quality Assurance

The goods are processed under very strict and personal care under our Total Quality Management Team. With the result, all the buyers are fully satisfied with our quality. We feel great pleasure to inform you that not a single lot has been rejected till this date. We aim to provide a quality product and guarantee total customer satisfaction by having the following processes and checks in place:

Continuous and strict quality control checks, which are carried out by qualified personnel.
Drawing samples from processed materials at regular intervals and testing them for purity and quality.
Ensuring all Analysis reports are recorded and stored so that we receive continuous quality feedback and can provide quality assurance to customers.
Re-testing batches for quality after packing and thereafter results are compared by independent analysis and sampling, which is carried out by SGS or Government approved Laboratories.
Only after test results are found to be within specification limits do we release batch/lots for shipment.
There is 100% quality assurance on our raw materials purchasing as everything is checked and directly bought from the farmers by our qualified personnel.
Fully sealed and checked storage facilities for our finished goods and raw materials.
Special fumigation chambers for treatment of raw materials and finished goods.

Every shipment is tested prior to delivery, correctly packaged and labeled according to all requirements and accompanied by all required documentation. Our quality control system assures lot to lot consistency and "throughput tracking.” In addition, Sarvoday Sat Isabgol Factory accepts the responsibility to provide customers and community with proper handling procedures for the products we sell and stock. Please contact us to request any documents you may require regarding our products. Sarvoday Sat Isabgol Factory will make every effort to further enhance its standing and reputation as a reliable & responsible Premium Manufacturer and supplier of Psyllium quality as an international Manufacturer of Psyllium. Kindly contact us for request Materials Safety Data Sheet.

Psyllium Solutions

We can provide Psyllium Solutions for our products even If you are experiencing problems with Psyllium formulations, blending or mixing then we can provide you with our Psyllium Solutions. Having a wealth of experience in Psyllium we have solved many problems for our customers, which have resulted in cost-savings and a better quality finished product.

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